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Soul Searching = Eco Friendly

Over the past year I have been searching for our purpose, as a clothing company. As an artist, I get these ideas, something that seems great when I think of them, and then as soon as I go to put pencil to paper...nothing. Sometimes I get put down what I am thinking and that's what this year has been like. Yes I have been evolving, but into what? Why? How? Saving the details for another post, I am now starting to act on some of my ideas. I want to start instilling my values into my companies value, more so than I had in the past. I want to help this planet, that we merely borrow for sometime, as we hand it to our children and their children to come. How? Was my first question. The first move I made, was to switch to 100% Compostable poly mailers. I want to reduce the plastic being made and discarded. I am excited about this change and have already starting shipping orders in them. It's easy to just throw things away and not think about them, out of sight out of mind right? We need to be more mindful of what we do, it doesn't just impact you, it impacts all. My one classroom rule that I have, which incapsulates every decision we make, is Respect. Respect yourself, each other, and your surrounding.

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